Goofy Ghouls Slap Bracelets

Warehouse Collection

Only available in Gauteng

If you are going to collect your order directly from our warehouse in Gauteng, then please note the following:

  1. The person collecting the order must produce their ID or Driver’s license.  If the name on the order and that of the ID does not match, the order will not be handed over.
  2. If the client has nominated another person to collect on their behalf, our warehouse would need to be informed and point 1 will still apply
  3. Should the order be from a company, then the person collecting must have authorisation in letter form stating the person’s name and ID and that they can collect the order from our warehouse.  Again, point 1 needs to be followed.

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This means item is in stock and ready to ship!  You can expect delivery of the item in 1-3 working days (Gauteng) and 3-5 working days (nationally).

This means item is not in stock but is still available for order! If the item is sourced from a local South African supplier, then you can expect delivery in 3-7 working days. If the item is sourced internationally – an “imported item” – then you can expect delivery in 7-14 working days.


Goofy Ghouls Slap Bracelets

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R264.95 inc. VAT

PACK QTY: 12 units

Available to Order! Lead Times: Local - 3 to 7 days and Imported - 7 to 14 days