Purrfect Kitten Party Theme Set Up!

We’re not kitten you! It’s time for the cutest kitty cat party you ever did see and all your fabulous feline friends are invited! This Purr-Fect Cat Party is full of yummy kitty-inspired treats, the most adorable partyware we ever did see!Purr-Fect Cat Party Full Table

The Table:

Our kitty cat inspired party was styled using the Purrfect Cat Partyware line and had basically had us on cuteness overload throughout the whole party!

Purr-Fect Cat Party Table

We set the table with the Purr-Fect Party Plastic Table Cloth and then layered a piece of black and white polka dot paper from the Black Classic Dots Paper Roll down the center of the table as a table runner. The Black and White Polka Dot Paper went perfectly with the palette and design of the Purr-fect Party Supplies.

Purr-Fect Cat Party Cetnerpiece

Marquee letters spelling out M-E-O-W were painted light pink with a mint blue insert to coordinate with our party colors and created a fabulous centerpiece for the table.

Purr-Fect Cat Party DIY Yarn Ball Decor

Purr-Fect Cat Party Yarn Balls

Purr-Fect Cat Party Place Settings

Each adorable place setting started with either a black, gray or white Purr-Fect Party Cat-Shaped Paper Dinner Plate.

Purr-Fect Cat Party Black Cat Plate

Purr-Fect Cat Party Gray Cat Plate

Purr-Fect Cat Party White Cat Plate

These plates are some of the cutest we’ve seen and our kitty-lovers just couldn’t get enough of them.

Purr-Fect Cat Party Cutlery

We placed Hot Pink Cutlery on top of a Purr-Fect Party Beverage Napkin layered on top of a Purr-Fect Party Luncheon Napkin and then topped the setting off with a Purr-Fect Party Blowout.

Purr-Fect Cat Party Milk

Purr-Fect Cat Party Milk Decor

Clear Glass Milk Bottles were filled with strawberry milk, a Pink Striped Straw and decorated with color coordinating Tassel Beadables, a Paw Charm and a silver bell from the Jingle Bell Bracelet Kit. Because what cat can resist such cute and playful details?!

Purr-Fect Cat Party Full Dessert Bar

The Kitty Cat Dessert Bar:

A delicious variety of cat-themed sweets were out on display in front of our DIY Cat Party Dessert Bar Backdrop.

Purr-Fect Cat Party Dessert Bar

Purr-Fect Cat Party Cat Cake

Purr-Fect Cat Party Cupcakes

Purr-Fect Cat Party Cupcake Toppers

Purr-Fect Cat Party Kitty Cat Ice Cream Sandwiches

Purr-Fect Cat Party Cat Ice Cream Sandwiches

The stand-out treat was our Kitty Cat Ice Cream Sandwiches! We turned regular sugar cookies into cat-shaped faces with the help of some yummy candy and then added some delicious vanilla ice cream to turn them into ice cream sandwiches.

Purr-Fect Cat Party Favor Boxes

Purr-Fect Cat Party Gumballs

Purr-Fect Party Favor Boxes were filled with gold fish crackers (because what cat doesn’t love goldfish?) and sat in front of Pink Gumball-filled Glass Cylinder Jars adorned with cats from the Purr-Fect Party Hanging Swirls.

Purr-Fect Cat Party Desserts

Purr-Fect Cat Party Banner

The dessert bar was made kitty complete with the Purr-Fect Party Cat Banner hung across the front of the table and Pink Latex Balloons beneath for a fun pop of color!